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(2024 IF: 10.8)


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(2023 IF: 7.113)

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Park JD, Kim KS, Choi SH, Jo GH, Choi JH, Park SW, Ko ES, Lee M, Lee DK, Jang HJ, Hwang S, Jung HY, Park KS*. ELK3 modulates the antitumor efficacy of natural killer cells against triple negative breast cancer by regulating mitochondrial dynamics. J Immunother Cancer. Jul;10(7):e004825 (2022) (2022 IF: 12.469)

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Pang K, Lee J, Kim J, Park J, Park Y, Hong E, An H, Ooshima A, Son M, Park KS, Cho JH, Lee C, Song YS, Yang KM, Kim SJ. Degradation of DRAK1 by CUL3/SPOP E3 Ubiquitin ligase promotes tumor growth of paclitaxel-resistant cervical cancer cells. Cell Death Dis. Feb 22;13(2):169 (2022) (2022 IF: 9.685)


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(2020 IF: 11.556)


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