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Prof. Kyung-Soon Park, Ph.D
    Lab of Immuno-Oncology
    E-mail: (031-881-7144)
   Adress: CHABIOCOMPLEX 620


  • B.S: Seoul National U. Agricultural Biol.

  • M.S: Seoul National U. Agricultural Biol.

  • Ph.D: Washington State U. Mol & Cellular Biol


  • KRIBB: Postdoctoral Research Associate ('97~'98)

  • Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency: Research Scientist. ('99-'00)

  • ToolGen, Inc: Principal Invastigator ('01-'05)

 Professor Park began her professional career at CHA university in 2006. As a member of Stem Cell Research Institute of the University, she worked on the basic mechanism of stem cell reprogramming. Based on the fact that stem cells have similar biological characteristics with cancer cells, her research interest has been developed into cancer biology and immuno therapeutics.  She maintains an active lab that studies two main themes of immuno-oncology. The first is to study cancer cells story that defends themselves against immune cells's attack. The aim of this research is to render cancer cells be sensitive to immunotherapy. Her second research theme is to develop Chem-NK (chemically engineered natural killer cells) that has potent antitumor activity and more communicatable with other immune cells. Development of immunotherapeutic NK cells to treat solid tumor is her ultimate research goal.

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